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While the metro Atlanta area typically experiences agreeable weather, you never know when a storm might cause significant damage to your roof. Luckily, Platinum Roofing can satisfy all your roofing needs for an affordable price.

Our company has the best roofing materials in the city. Plus, our professional roofing contractors possess years of experience and can provide anything from a simple gutter repair to a new high-quality roofing system. If you need help starting your roofing project, contact us to receive a free estimate.

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Why Should You Hire Our Local Roofing Company?

Years Of Training & Experience

Thanks to our years of experience, we can perform quality roofing repairs quickly and efficiently. But, more importantly, we can prevent any risk of injury you might experience trying to make small repairs yourself.

State-Of-The-Art Tools & Equipment

Most property owners only have a basic toolkit for making minor repairs to their existing roof. Fortunately, our roofing company uses advanced equipment and technology in order to provide amazing results and the best solution for you.

Unlike other roofers, we are constantly looking for the best materials to protect your property from ever-changing weather conditions.

Save Time & Money

While performing roof repairs yourself might save you money in the short term, it can cause other problems in the future. Most homeowners lack the knowledge to perform a proper roof installation and risk losing thousands of dollars that their insurance company won’t cover. It is our pleasure to provide all your roofing needs for a reasonable price.

Warranties & Insurance

New roofs are almost impossible to service without the help of a professional. When you make a mistake, you could end up paying even more for expert repairs. Fortunately, we warrant and insure all the work performed, ensuring that you aren’t liable for any potential mistakes or accidents. If an error does occur, we will work with insurance companies to cover any costs and provide an appropriate solution.

Long-Lasting Results

Above all, our Atlanta roofers value lasting, quality results and customer satisfaction. By hiring our professional contractors, you can extend your roof’s lifespan by up to fifteen years or more.

Family-Owned Business

Because we are a local Atlanta, Georgia roofing contractor, we know the area well. As a result, we are familiar with the local climate and have an excellent grasp of what type of damage your roof may experience.

Customer Education

We don’t just want to provide our clients with peace of mind; our professional team is committed to making sure you know exactly what we’re doing to improve your home or office structure. After every job, we tell our customers what to look out for and when to contact us should an emergency arise.

Platinum Roofing

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At Platinum Roofing, we pay personal attention to every detail and prioritize great customer service. If you want to work with the “best roofing company near me,” our locally-owned Atlanta, Georgia roofing company can provide every service you need.

Contact our team today to learn more about our roofing services and how we can help.

How We Can Help

Our Roofing Services

If you have a home or office building in Atlanta, Georgia, our roofing maintenance and installation services might be just what you need.

Residential & Commercial Roofing

Residential and commercial roofing are hardly the same. Everything from the type of shingles required to the entire installation process differs. Thankfully, we have the industry experience to perform comprehensive services for both.

Consultation & Inspection

We always meet with our customers for an in-depth consultation before performing any job. During the meeting, our team discusses potential problems and solutions for residential and commercial roofs. Afterward, we visit your property and perform a thorough inspection that includes your siding, gutters, and windows. Finally, we provide a free quote on your project.

Roof Cleaning & Repair

If you don’t need a new roof, we can provide a simple cleaning service or minor repair job. We perform tune-ups and maintenance by using advanced tools and a biodegradable cleaning solution, which improves adhesion and water resistance.

Roof Replacement

Do you need new roof installation for your residential or commercial roofing project? If so, we perform excellent work on damaged structures and can have your property completed in just a few days.

Emergency Tarping available on request


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