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As a local homeowner, your roof shouldn’t just look great- it should perform great as well. Luckily, our committed professionals at Platinum Roofing can satisfy all your residential roofing needs.

For decades, we have provided dependable and long-lasting roofing repairs for hundreds of Somerset, Kentucky homeowners. If your damaged roof could use repairs or a complete replacement, hire our professional roofing contractors today. We guarantee high-quality results at affordable prices!

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Why Choose Our Local Roofing Company?

Nowadays, you’ll find no shortage of roofing companies in Somerset, Kentucky. However, our repair and construction services are a clear step above the rest for the following reasons:

High-Quality Lasting Results

When it comes to roofing solutions, quick fixes aren’t enough. With that in mind, our team uses top-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to provide homeowners with lasting results. In fact, our services can help expand your roof’s lifespan by up to fifteen years!

Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand that getting a new roof is an investment. To help you save on costs, we provide accurate estimates and long-lasting solutions that retain their value over the years. We pride ourselves on roofing installations that can protect your property better than most, preventing costly repairs in the future.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured Company

Homeowners’ insurance can only go so far when you make a mistake on your roofing project. Fortunately, our roofing construction company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, covering any required costs.

Local Expertise

Because our business is family-owned and locally operated, we are very familiar with the Kentucky area. Due to our expertise, we can foresee any service you may need for this particular climate and any other weather-related damage.

Injury & Damage Prevention

While it may save you time initially, do-it-yourself repairs may cause more harm than good in the long run. You never know when a slippery surface or loose shingle could cause a devastating fall. At Platinum Roofing, we use the appropriate tools to prevent injuries and accidents.

Rapid Results

Some customers refrain from booking roofing services because of how long it might take. However, we can guarantee an excellent job in a timely fashion. To help put our customers’ minds at ease, we involve them every step of the way, ensuring that we perform our service quickly and thoroughly.

Platinum Roofing

Book The Best Family-Operated Roofing Company In Somerset, Kentucky!

When you delay addressing your roofing problems and allow them to worsen, you could end up spending more on roofing services than you intend to. If you want to work with a great company that offers top-notch roofing solutions, Platinum Roofing is the service for you.

Our roofing business has been servicing the Somerset, Kentucky area for two decades and works with a crew of licensed professionals. Contact us today to receive customer support or directly book our team of committed contractors!

How We Can Help

Our Commercial & Residential Roofing Services

If you need a new roof in the Somerset service area, we are among one of the best roofing companies in the city. Here are the services we provide.

Residential Roofing

Leaks, cracks, and even regular wear and tear can do significant damage to your home’s foundation. To ensure that your new residential roof lasts as long as possible, we install your structure using top-quality materials and advanced technology.

Commercial Roofing

Do you own an apartment complex, retail store, restaurant, or other commercial building with a damaged roof? If so, our roofing contractors can perform any fix you need, whether for a sloped, flat, or metal roof.

Roof Inspection & Cleaning

Before we make a commitment to any project, we arrange for an in-depth consultation with our clients. During this meeting, we will address any potential problems with your roof and how we can remedy them. Then, we inspect your property and provide a free cost estimate.

Roof Repairs

If your roofing needs don’t require a total replacement, we can perform a comprehensive tune-up. These fixes include shingle replacements, gutter installation, and more. We use only the best materials for residential and commercial roofs, including an environmentally safe cleaner. We also clean your windows, gutters, and walls.

Roof Replacement

Unfortunately, some roofs require more than a simple repair. But don’t worry, if you need a new roof installed, you can depend on us for professional and quality service. We perform every replacement job using durable, long-lasting shingles as well as weather-resistant sealants.

Gutter & Siding Installations

No roofing system is complete without gutters and siding. Our gutters help improve your home’s foundation by collecting runoff water and preventing pest infestations. In addition, our durable siding is low maintenance and will help enhance ventilation in your home.

Emergency Tarping available on request


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